Rewords & Credit Program

Here's the new Rewords & Credit Program, We really love our customers

You will get this amount on your unppar's account when:




  • SUBSCRIBER "email list" CREDITS = 3$.


  • You will get credit after first order = 1% from total order amount.


  • You will get credit for rest of order = 3% from total order amount "cash back & loyalty rewords".


  • on your BIRTHDAY you will get 10$ CREDITS as a gift from unppar team "Never expire".


  • You will get 1$ MONTHLY CREDITS each month.


  • PRODUCT REVIEW CREDITS = 0.50$ "just verified buyer customer", Credit Limitation 20$, Time Limitation to use this credits 30 days.


  • There is special CREDIT FOR SPECIFIC PRODUCTS like Pantogar 0.50$ and all weight loss products 2$.


  • REFER FRIEND = 1$ per friend and your friend will also received 5$ credit to use in first order, The refer program has limitation 20$ and credit will not release till your friend order. "you can share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Blogs, mention on video.


  • You will also get 2$ on your friend first order and 1$ on referrals rest of orders.

 -- To apply any credit your cart value must start from 50$ and above -- 

 -- To use any Credit your payment should be 50$ and above -- 

** unppar may change this credit rewords but will not debit amounts that added to your wallet **