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Commercial Registration number 20042000019813 and registered tax number 540-476-XXX, which follows the laws of investment and trade in Egypt according to the headquarters of the main company in Alexandria Egypt

Unppar.com is an e-marketplace that brings together many stores that offer a variety of products, ensuring quality and lowest prices

Unppar.com Various products and excellent quality and excellent factory price

Please feel free to write any question or inquiry and we are happy to receive your suggestions
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For the press and the media:
We are happy to communicate with all media outlets and press organizations through a public relations officer. Just send us a message entitled "Care of Public Relations Officer at Inbar.com" and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

Communicate with the Legal Department:
You can contact Unppar.com's legal department through this form or by e-mail above with the title of "Legal Management". Unppar.com is one of the companies operating in Egypt and fully committed to Egyptian laws and consumer protection laws. To help the national economy to promote and stabilize and support entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises