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EUROLUB Engine Oil All Products

Sep 21, 18
EUROLUB Engine Oil All Products

Engine Oils for Passenger Cars



Ultra high-tech engine oil for modern gas and diesel engines used in passenger cars. This universal, fuel economy, specially composed motor oil, is recommended for use in petrol and diesel engines, with or without turbo-charging, in passenger cars and delivery vans with extended oil drain intervals. This motor oil also contributes to the extension of the lifetime of particle filters. Due to its special composition it is possible to apply this product for the latest VW 504.00/507.00 requirements, in practice also called VW Longlife III oils.

Suitable for:
    • ACEA C3 
    • VW 504.00 
    • VW 507.00 
    • MB 229.51 
    • BMW longlife-04
    • Porsche C 30


This universal motor oil is suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines, with or without turbo-charging. Moreover this lubricant is also very suitable for passenger car diesel engines with pump-injector-unit. This product meets the requirements of several OEM's and thus has a wide application.

Suitable for:
    • API SN 
    • API CF
    • ACEA C3 
    • VW 505.00 
    • VW 505.01 
    • MB 229.51 
    • BMW longlife-04
    • WSS-M2C 917A 
    • GM dexos 2™ 
    • Porsche A40

FORMEL Engine Oils for Passenger Cars - Action Oils

EUROLUB Engine Oil FORMEL 2 SAE 10W/40

It is designed for the lubrication of four-stroke gasoline and diesel cars, including diesel engines with direct injection. Key features include a low ash formulation and a high resistance to ageing. Ideal for most gasoline and diesel engines. Particularly recommended for Direct Injection diesel engines. Pay attention to users manuel!

Suitable for:
    • ACEA A3 
    • ACEA B4 
    • API SL 
    • API CF

Engine Oils for mixed Vehicle Fleets

Engine Oils for commercial Diesel Vehicles

Gas Engine Oils (Biogas Plants)

During the operation of gas engines at the combined heat-and-power plants (CHP), burned are various gases that are not regulated by any quality standards, such as biogas, gas emitted from wastewater treatment, landfill gas or marsh gas.

Significant fluctuations in the composition of the gases used and the virtually uninterrupted operation of engines set high requirements to the lubricants used.

For example, a typical problem is often that gas has hydrogen sulphide that can be converted into sulphuric acid and cause increased corrosive wear, especially in the combustion chamber of the engine, on the piston and cylinder.

To ensure trouble-free operation and long service life of the engine, you cannot do without a sound maintenance plan with the appropriate oil change intervals. Moreover, oil itself plays a key role not only in terms of quality and compliance with other technical requirements but also in terms of price and minimisation of operating costs.

By choosing oil for EUROLUB gas engines, you choose the best alternative, a perfect balance of proven quality and competitive price.

Biogasanlage Innen

Optimal oil for gas engines

  • suitable for all kinds of gas
  • suitable for high thermal loads
  • has a good ability to neutralize acids
  • provides long oil change intervals
  • ensures the economical operation of a unit.

Our oils for EUROLUB gas engines meet these requirements

  • consist of carefully selected mineral base oils with the latest additives;
  • tested and approved by manufacturers, for example, MAN, Jenbacher, etc.;
  • always available in stock.

Single-Grade Engine Oils

Two-Stroke Engine Oils / Four-Stroke Engine Oils / Motorcycle Engine Oils

Classic Oil – to extend the life of your antique car

Engine Oils for Classic and Antique Cars (Classic Oils)

Antique cars are more than just auto mobiles. They are priceless to their owners and worth much more than their actual monetary value. This is why the chemistry has to be right – not only in the figurative sense of the word, but quite literally.

We have, therefore, added Classic Oil to our latest product line. The oils in this product family have been designed specifically to accommodate the operating characteristics typically found in older engine generations. The best oils for your four-wheeled beauties.

engine oils in top quality, specially designed for the running characteristics of earlier engine generations - for a long life of your oldtimer.

All-Purpose Oils for Tractors and Construction Machinery

Siegestor Muenchen

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